As the water around you becomes darker and cooler, your depth gauge passes the 100-foot mark. You switch off of your travel gas and start breathing the Trimix that is in the double tanks strapped to your back. Passing the 200 foot mark, you see a shape forming in front of you as you pop some air into your wings, slowing your descent. Suddenly you are face-to-face with the deck gun on a World War II U-boat. No one has been here since the sub met its dramatic demise. You are touching history itself.

This is Technical Diving…

At AZ Dive Training, we provide full service support to the experienced technical diver, as well as the recreational diver who is considering technical diving. Our staff provides training and certification for the complete PADI DSAT TecRec Programs. DSAT TecRec courses provide the techniques and procedures necessary for diving beyond recreational dive limits. These are some of the most intensive, yet exhilarating, courses you'll find.

We also provide full TDI Technical Training at AZDT. If you prefer the TDI approach, we are here to get you trained as a fully capable technical diver


Technical diving isn't for everyone but if this type of diving appeals to you and you're willing to accept the risks, responsibilities and obligations, you'll find it one of the most rewarding dive experiences you'll ever have. Ocean Planet Scuba Technical Dive Center is able to provide you with the training and destinations to experience these rewarding diving experiences.

The Ocean Planet Scuba Technical Dive Center training program adapts to the individual divers, since we encourage a buddy team approach to technical diving training. Training with a buddy ensures a dive partner after completion of training, a must for technical diving.

How does AZ Dive Training train Tech Divers?

Our Approach for the Successful Completion of Tec Deep Diver Program includes:

  • Initial Evaluation/Interview with our Technical Training Staff (Bring your log book)
  • Development of a training regiment to proceed through the knowledge reviews, practical applications, and the two exams
  • Pool sessions – Dives One through Three with student’s basic technical rig
  • Technical Training Dives Four through Seven: These dive require a couple of trips to either Mexico or California
  • Technical Training Dives Eight through Twelve: These are certification dives to demonstrate and refine your developed technical skills. This training is conducted in unison with travel to an appropriate site for deep dives.
  • AZ Dive Training loves to use the WWII era Wrecks of Philippines or the Deep Wrecks in Key Largo. However, We are ready to “have a go” at your chosen dive destination as long as Tec Deep logistic requirements are available.

If you want to sample the Technical Diving exhilaration in the safe confines of the local Arizona lakes, please contact AZDT training staff about Discover TEC experience.