November 9th - 2004

There is a little more than a week to go before our departure to the Philippine Islands (PI). Preparations are ongoing and hectic as we work to get equipment checked, inventoried and packed. Intelligent Dive Systems is creating some custom equipment for us to take that they will be marketing later on - including custom Independent Twins/Single Tank adapters for Coron, Stage Bottle Kits and Deco Lines. We are still trying to figure out how to get the gear bags down to 70lbs each. This should be interesting.

We wanted to take a moment to introduce the Team Members on the PI trip. We have a great group of divers who will be heading down so let's take a look at who they are:

Roy Nelsen - PADI Trimix Instructor

Roy Nelsen owns Ocean Planet Scuba and was the organizer of the trip. He was stationed in the PI for many years in the Air Force and lived there after that. There's no place he would rather dive and is very excited to be headed 'home'.

Dart Craytor - TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor

Dart is the most experienced diver on the trip. He has been on some incredible dive expeditions and is currently planning a trip to Saipan after our PI trip. He is a firefighter by day and is on the Sherrif's Posse Dive Team in Arizona.

Bill Jamison - PADI Divemaster

Bill is the one who will try to make these updates from the PI. This could be interesting! He is a certified DSAT Technical Diver and will finish up his Trimix cert dives in the PI.

Scott Jamison - PADI Divemaster

Scott is the other half of Ocean Planet's Twin Divemasters. He is a certified DSAT Technical Diver and will also finish up his Trimix cert dives in the PI.

Hans Bushenbacher - Rescue Diver

Hans is heading to the PI to get some dives in and to operate as our support diver on the more serious dives. Our lives are in his hands! *shudder* He is the youngest of the group and we abuse him whenever possible while he climbs his way up the ranks into technical diving.

Our agenda for the trip is as follows:

November 18th - 20th - Travel - We will be shoved in the back of a 747 with the chickens and the goats...

November 21st - 25th - Dive Subic Bay. Check out Johan's Place for details on the area. There will be tons of ships and planes to dive, including an F4 Phanton that we can actually sit in and a B-26 in 200fsw.

November 26th - Miss Chilli Pepper Contest in La Union. Pictures will be worth a thousand words in this case...

November 26th - November 30th - Diving the tanks and the Mystery Wreck in La Union. This will also include the final Trimix Dives for Bill and Scott. Check out Tim's Website for more info on diving La Union.

December 1 - December 5th - Diving Coron Island. These will be shallower WWII wrecks that we will be diving on Independent Twins setups. This will be more relaxed and fun diving after the 250fsw dives in La Union. Check out Gunter's Website for more info on Coron.

December 6th - Travel back to the USA