A Better Way to Learn to Dive

AZ Dive Training was started to provide a specialized level of dive instruction at a reduced rate when compared to local dive shops. ADT does not have a storefront and does not sell equipment or organize dive trips. Our goal is to provide quality, safe and effective instruction at reasonable prices. Our instruction environment is intimate and the classes are based upon the individual’s or group’s schedule. It is true private instruction and the result is a safer, more competent and highly skilled diver, whether it be an initial certification or a technical diving class.

How Does ADT Work?

When you contact us for classes, we work out a schedule that works for you. Our instructors do have professional careers in addition to dive instruction but they are flexible and can meet your schedule needs. After the schedule, books are either supplied to the student or we point you to a source to get them if it is cheaper than we pay. Then we do the classroom (which can be done at a library or any location of your choice), the pool work (at a private pool, municipal pool or your location) and then the open water dives are usually done at Lake Pleasant – that is usually the best lake for dive conditions. Each class has different logistics and time requirements so check out our Rates & Details for duration of classes.

Instructors and Staff

All of our instructors are certified and insured to teach. All instructors have current teaching status and PLEASE feel free to ask for the instructor’s number and call to check them out before hand. We keep our ratios small so if you have a group of students, there will be no more than 2 students for each dive professional. This is critical to ensure the standards that we have set for ADT.

Who is AZ Dive Training?

Bill Jamison started ADT after teaching at and investing in several local shops. He has been diving for fifteen years and is certified to teach all recreational levels which include specialties for Enriched Air, Wreck Diving, Drysuit Diving, Deep Diving, Search & Recovery, Underwater Navigation, Underwater Digital Photography and Peak Performance Buoyancy. He is also an instructor for Technical and Trimix diving and is certified to dive Closed Circuit Rebreathers. He has an impressive list of Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Divemasters from which he can draw and is committed to training divers to dive safely and intelligently.

What ADT is Not…

AZ Dive Training was not created to compete against the local dive shops but rather to complement them. We recommend purchasing your equipment and becoming a regular at local shops so that you can meet other divers and find out about dive trips and the latest equipment. We are not an easy way to cut corners as some may think. We will train you more thoroughly than the average mass training approach of some facilities.

We have a saying at ADT – “You pay for the class – You earn the certification!”